I got a great email the other day from an ex-team member, here’s a short extract; I just wanted to say huge thank you for the opportunity I have had with Pendragon, I have worked for this company since 30th September 1996. It would be misleading if I said that there has not been low points however I have gone from an apprentice technician, service advisor, sales executive, business manager and onto sales leader. I have learned and grown hugely over the years and would not be where I am today without the support of the group and the individuals in it. I could not imagine working for another group.

The gentleman in question actually relocated to another country to take on a new challenge in a different field. A brave, if not a little daunting, move but good on him for taking a leap. Should it not work for him however, I wouldn’t hesitate to welcome him back to the business. It’s disappointing when we lose talented, dedicated people but if you leave the legacy of being a great, loyal team member and don’t intentionally disrupt the business when you leave, there’s absolutely no reason we wouldn’t let someone back should things change. Although not the case with this example, ‘poaching’ is rife in our industry. A well trained recruitment consultant, or even a socially active MD, can often make the grass seem greener with the lure of more money, greater responsibility and a large amount of ego stroking. In our experience, much of this is smoke and mirrors. We have hundreds of ex-team members looking to return to our business. They have been sold another role and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The grass was in fact not greener.

I’m not saying our business is perfect, as the email said, there have been low points. I wouldn’t expect someone to be in the business two decades and be on a constant high but as Oscar Wilde said; “All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. Recognise the good points of where you work, and even if you move on, remember the good, and be a good leaver. As large as the industry is, it can often be a very small world out there. What's your definition of a good or bad leaver?