I don’t remember the exact moment my love of cars started, because I’m not sure there was one. It’s one of those things that I think is just in you. You either get why people like to be around, chat about, drive and race cars…or you don’t. I do. I am a car enthusiast and whether it’s a Car Café meet up at our head office in Nottinghamshire or an endurance race like Mille Miglia, you’ll often find me out there and chatting to like-minded petrol heads. It’s a lucky few of us that get to turn our passion into a career but I’ve been lucky enough to do that and it feels good to be surrounded by so many team members that feel the same and share the love of cars as it really translates into their work with a passion and enthusiasm you can see.

Working in this industry for my entire career has meant I’ve had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful and iconic cars ever made and in some cases, had the chance to get behind the wheel. I have a great affiliation with Great British car manufacturers like Jaguar.  You will have noticed a 1975 E-type on my dream garage list in a previous blog and I’m a huge fan of not only its diverse and iconic range but its overall ethic and that shared passion for cars.

It’s thanks to Stratstone’s relationship and our large Jaguar retailer network that we are the first to know about the latest model launches and the new projects driven by the Special Vehicle Operations department based in Coventry. More recently their 2015 project. We have revealed today that we have gone from partner to customer after announcing that we are the owner of chassis number 15 of the ‘Missing Six’ Lightweight E-types. Those car enthusiasts amongst you will know exactly what I mean by the ‘Missing Six’ but if you want to know more about this iconic and special vehicle’s story, visit the website that we’ve set up to share its story. We have been involved in every step of the build of this car and now we are the official owners, we want to enjoy it.

Our intention for this very special Jaguar is to take this British-made iconic Racing car and provide as many opportunities for as many people as possible to get up close and personal with it. A passion for cars and motorsports is at the heart of Stratstone and its heritage. This car brings its own legacy and it’s fantastic to be a part of its story.  We know how excited and enthusiastic we were when we found out about this special run of vehicles from the Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations team and we know there are thousands of people like us that feel the same. We feel privileged, and also proud that at least one of the ‘Missing Six’ will call the UK home. E-type 15 is the UK’s E-type and our plan is to share it with you all. We will be releasing details of events we will be taking it to and much more on our dedicated Stratstone Etype site. For us, this car is a special one and investing in the Lightweight E-type legacy and sharing it with our team, customers and beyond, is a proud moment for us. We hope you like it and look forward to introducing you to it.