There has been lots of speculation, as no-one has a crystal ball to see into the future, about the impact of the UK’s decision to exit the EU.

Sure there is a lot of uncertainty, but to date we (Pendragon) have not experienced a noticeable change in our customers’ behaviour. We obviously have taken steps to monitor customer reaction and we put a measure in place post the referendum result to compare results at the same time last year and there has been no material change. The phones are still ringing, the enquiries are still coming in and sales are still happening.

Therefore, despite the current newsflow of negativity and doom and gloom we are looking to the future with confidence. Confident that our business will continue to perform strongly based on focus on our strategy, the online line growth of our brands and strong processes. Too often we see reactionary measures adopted which seem to look at worse case scenario, rather than believing in a strong, proactive strategy that will weather most storms.

There have been a number of surveys carried out canvassing opinions on the result but again, we need to look closely at who we are surveying? For example, the result of a recent survey of Purchasing Managers (PMI ) which is meant to provide information about current business conditions to help company decision makers, analysts and purchasing managers make a decision. I would take a bet that the majority of these people voted to stay in so they are going to be fearful of the exit result.

I have referred to a Rudyard Kipling poem called If in a previous blog, when facing tough times it is the resolve that makes us resilient. The first line of the open is, “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs”.

Is your glass half full or half empty?