Distrbution Centre Coventry Workshop

As the saying goes, a poor workman blames his tools. The issue with this well-known proverb is that it’s often interpreted as “if something goes wrong, it’s the person and not the tools.” I interpret this differently; in my eyes, a good workman wouldn’t have bought shoddy tools in the first place.

Whilst I’d say we must use the tools we’re given to the best of our ability in order to get the job done, I also think it’s vital for companies to invest in the equipment, tools and training in the first place to ensure team members are well-equipped to get the job done.

Having high-tech equipment can make someone’s job easier or faster, which in turn gives them the capacity to complete more throughout the day, but it’s about more than that for me. Investing in tools shows a company is investing in its people and its future as a business.

Today we (Evans Halshaw) announced that we’re opening a 10-acre distribution centre in Coventry which will de-fleet vehicles returning from lease to be sold as used cars at Evans Halshaw outlets. The site is a flagship facility, with state-of-the-art equipment, tools and systems.

Having a brand-new workshop and top-of-the-range tools is a pull for the technicians we want to attract, but it’s also a morale boost for our current team. It shows as a company we’re looking to the future, that we’re in this for the long term and that we’re prepared to invest.

Talented workers can become demoralised if they don’t have the tools to do the job, so while spending on IT equipment, tools, training, systems or uniform might seem like an expense, the boost it creates and the new talent it can attract, for me, makes it a smart investment and something we will continue to roll out across the business.

Discover more about working as a Vehicle Technician in one of our state-of-the-art workshops.