Winning POrsche

Our Technicians at Porsches Centres in Bolton and Wilmslow showed off their skills and took part in a manufacturer challenge to restore a Classic Transaxle Porsche to its former glory, competing against Porsche teams from around the country. Combining their knowledge, skill sets and ingenuity, the team turned a rolling shell into a first class example of its type.

As part of the project they were to retain the original specification where possible, using initiative and resourcefulness to ensure the most cost effective restoration possible. At the same time, the team had to maintain the highest standards imaginable and protect the integrity of the car, as well as making the whole project commercially viable.

The judging for the best restoration took place at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone Circuit, and our team from Porsche Centre Bolton returned triumphant as winners of the Mechanical Restoration Award!

Porsche Centre Bolton

Porsche Restoration

Model: Porsche 924 Carrera GT  
Date of Production: February 1981  
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 60,354 
Exterior Colour: Black  
Trim Colour: Black & Red Pin Stripe  
Purchase Price: £12,000

The vehicle was in a dreadful state of repair when discovered. The interior of the vehicle was partially removed by the previous owner prior to being purchased by Porsche Centre Bolton, who had then found it too expensive and complex a project to undertake. However, the complexity, difficulties and extensive nature of the restoration was for Porsche Centre Bolton, one of the big attractions in taking it on.
Road and Race Restorations helped with the body work. The wings, doors, bonnet and tailgate were all removed to give full access to the interior of the shell for further extensive body stripping, and the chassis plate was checked to ensure it was correct for the vehicle. The engine bays were checked for major corrosion or damage. The car was then taken to be electrophoretically dipped in order to remove all paint and expose any corrosion, rubbed down and seam sealed, ready for priming.

The vehicle was then put back together, with new features fitted and parts rebuilt, including the engine.

Porsche Centre Wilmslow

Model: Porsche 924s Coupe
Date of Registration: 20th October 1986
Transmission: Manual  
Colour: Black  
Trim Colour: Dark Blue Porsche Classic Cloth Trim
Number of Former Keepers: 14

The Porsche 924S was required a full body and mechanical overhaul, starting with the vehicle shell being sent to Road and Race Restorations for body restoration.
Our team then set to work rebuilding the car, installing the rear axle, reconditioned suspension and brakes and engine, which hadn't run for the previous 12 months.
The finishing trims were applied and the vehicle was complete.