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Here at Pendragon, we’re industry leaders for a reason. And the reason is: we possess the ambition and drive necessary to become a truly customer centric retailer. We don’t believe in complacency here or in standing still. We set our sights on one goal, we work to achieve it then we focus on the next. That’s how we continue to grow, to develop and improve. And, if you join our Graduate Programme, it’s how you will too.

To us, a degree is important, because it proves that you are bright, intelligent and have the commitment to study and achieve a qualification. Our Programme is for all graduates with ambition and the ability to work towards and achieve challenging targets and objectives - whatever your discipline.

This goes hand in hand with personal drive, motivation and resilience. We consider our programme to be the training ground for our next generation of senior leaders. Throughout it you’ll have the opportunity to progress your career to the next level and our top performers will be supported to develop into leadership roles.

You will be working in a car dealership selling cars and the type of people who excel in this environment are big characters, with lots of personality and the sort of charisma that other people warm to. You need to be able to ‘read’ people, possess empathy and genuinely care as much about making your customers’ day, as you do making a profit. So, any previous work experience under your belt will come in handy.

You are being trained to be a business leader - to have the autonomy to develop and run a business that’s turning over £millions and making huge profits. So, you’ll learn everything about running a company, from people to finance to customer service. And, you’ll develop your own unique style of leadership along the way.