For our new Graduates, the first few days within the business are certainly a change of pace to university! Sam, Graduate Sales Executive at Ford Wrexham, gives us an insight into his own experience.

My first day coming into the dealership was a bit nerve-wracking, as there is a large number of people working here, from the Sales Team to Service Team. They were all friendly however and they did make me feel welcome, it just took me a few days to get into a routine and to get to know the Sales Team a little better.

I have completed all my assessments so I am just waiting to do my observed sale, which is a daunting task but I am looking forward to getting started properly. The process of selling a new car is getting easier the more I shadow one of my colleagues, who has been really helpful. My focus prior to this was to get a feel for the running of the dealership and to help where I could with the New and Used Car Sales Teams.

Regular meetings take place for the Sales Teams, which is a new experience for myself. It does help massively though because everyone knows where they stand in terms of appointments, daily tasks for each individual and targets for the whole team. It also creates a united team and stops any divide between the New and Used Car Sales Team. As a Graduate too, I feel it is important to make sure you don't differentiate yourself from anyone else, because we all start as a Sales Executive. We can learn so much from the current Sales Executives, and they are very helpful with understanding the role and how much work goes into the role. There is no difference between our roles and I feel that is why I have fitted in really well so far as part of the team.

There have been many challenges; the biggest one for me was talking to a customer for the first time, being thrown in the deep end. It was certainly a learning curve but it helped a lot, as I had to think on my feet about finding out their requirements for a car and to use my training in a real life situation. The training was difficult, going through all the assessments, and trying to get them done as soon as I could was a lot of pressure but it made sure I concentrated and worked hard to get there.

It has been the same story for the whole process too so far, so I am looking forward to seeing what happens. The New Car Business Manager has been really helpful and is happy to go over things with me, even though he is new to the role. If you are proactive, other team members seem to always be happy to go through everything! Some people do not like a structure but I personally love to have structure and have something to aim for. Finally, one of the main areas I have progressed in would be my ability to squeeze cars through very small spaces! I would consider myself an expert in the field now!

I am really enjoying the position and I am looking forward to seeing how the future progresses as part of Pendragon.