Day One for our Graduates is Induction Day, when new Graduates are invited to a day's meeting to learn more about the business and meet other team members.

We caught up with Danniella and Sam, two new Graduates on the programme, to discover more about their Day One experience and what they got up to.

What was the funniest thing about the induction?
D- The great working relationship with Joe and Kerry [Induction Trainers] - it made the day really enjoyable and engaging!
S- Joe got really involved. He joined in as if he was one of us!

What did you learn about in your group exercise?
D- Pinewood technology.
S- Evans Halshaw Trucks - it was great to see the variety of the company and learn how all parts of the business work together.

Who did you have lunch with?
D&S- We had lunch with four other team members: three Sales Executives and a Business Manager. It was really interesting to have a chance to chat with the existing team members who had a lot of business experience.

What was it like being with variety of team members from the wider business?
D- I enjoyed being part of the business, and found it useful to chat to other team members.
S- It was great to feel part of the team and blend in.

Has the induction answered any questions you had or created lots more?
D- I feel satisfied which what I've learned from today.
S- The day was a fantastic introduction to the brand and it was good to get involved with all of the other team members.

What was your biggest take home from the day?
D- I took quite a lot home from the afternoon session and group exercise, learning about the timeline of the business. This gave me insight into the brand as a whole.
S- Meeting the other team members and learning more about the wider business.

Would you have done anything differently?
D-The length of the introduction unfortunately dragged on due to the size of the group being over 47, but otherwise it was a great day.
S- Nothing - great introduction to our new roles!

Were there any surprises?
D&S- We were surprised at how small the Graduate group was, from the size of the original group of candidates at Leeds Assessment Centre. It's an achievement to have got through the selection process!

What's a unique fact about yourself?
D- I've previously worked in banking.
S- I've been canoeing in Canada!

What did you think of the hotel provided?
D&S - Loved the amazing a la carte dinner!