Change Ahead Sign

Whenever there’s big news announced that will affect the automotive industry, there’s shock and horror and people panic about how things will change.

The news that the government will be stopping the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040 has been no different.

I can see why people are worried about electrification; at the moment homes and workplaces can’t cope with a huge number of electric cars, plus the cars themselves aren’t up to long distance journeys without being recharged yet, so I can see why it’s not an attractive prospect.

But the thing that’s worrying people the most is just how quickly change is happening. In just over 20 years car buying will look completely different to how it is now.

I don’t think there’s any reason to panic though – this isn’t the first time the industry has had to cope with a change, and it’s amazing how quickly these big impactful changes are embraced and become the norm.

There’s a photo taken of New York Times Square from 1906, which shows cars and buses pulled by horses. The same photo taken four years later has no horses at all, which for me shows just how rapidly change can happen in the automotive industry.

That was the early 20th century, and things haven’t stopped moving since. I’m not worried about electrification; change is exciting, especially in an industry like this, where change literally drives us forward.

So as we gear up for electrification, Pendragon will be approaching this change as just another exciting step forward, not something that should be feared.

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